The Cubed Club


William Rimmer (1862 - 1936), after convalescing in Slaidburn, wrote the famous march, Slaidburn, for the Slaidburn Silver Band. (see About > Book for more information.)   The band plays in the village of Slaidburn a number times every year.  As the march is their theme tune, it is played every time.  This means that Slaidburn is played in Slaidburn by Slaidburn (Silver Band).  Slaidburn - Slaidburn - Slaidburn.  Slaidburn  , or Slaidburn Cubed.  

This link shows Slaidburn being played in Slaidburn by Slaidburn.  There are other instances of this “Slaidburn Cubed” available on the Internet.

We got to thinking…..  

There is a march called Westward Ho!; but is there a band called Westward Ho! Brass Band?  If so, supplying a video of the band playing that march in Westward Ho! would grant them membership of the “Cubed Club”.  This is just an example. 

Are there any bands out there that can submit a claim for membership of the “Cubed Club”?  Please use the Contact page to let us know.


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