Photograph Gallery - 1990’s


Marching in Kirby Lonsdale at a contest.  1990.

The Band won a cup at Kirby Lonsdale.  1990.

Playing in Happy Mount Park, Morecambe.  1990.

Marching in Kirby Lonsdale.  1991.

The Band on tour in Holland.  1991.

Playing outside The Moorcock,

Waddington Fell.  1992.

Playing in York.  1992.

Playing in the Higher Buck car park, Waddington for ‘Granada Reports’.  1994.

A formal concert photograph at

Newton Village Hall.  1994.

50th Anniversary, VJ Night at

Newton Village Hall. 1995.

Carol playing in the Market Place, Clitheroe.  1995

The Band at Portmeirion. 1996.

Happy Mount Park, Morecambe.  1996.

Hodder Valley Show.  1996.

The Williamson Memorial, Lancaster.  1997.

Marching on Bawdlands from

Trinity Methodist Chapel, Clitheroe.  1997.

(Courtesy of Slaidburn Archive)

Carols at Booths, Clitheroe.  1997.

(Courtesy of Slaidburn Archive)

The Band with Beverly Ann Stoll, composer of the

Slaidburn Festival Overture.  1998.

Formal band photograph 1998

Carols at Trinity Methodist Chapel, Clitheroe.  1998.

Torchlight Procession, Clitheroe.  1999.

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